Tonka Julien

The day Julien discovered the art of cocktail, he was attending classes of Filippo Baldan. A few months later they were colleagues at the Bar Dessiné, Radisson Blu Hotel where Julien could benefit from an incredible training among the best barmen of Brussels.

Very soon Julien is obsessed by all that newness in alcohols and beverages that require dexterity and knowledge. He starts reading books and attend classes or competitions. He takes part in the Belgian Union of Barmen.

What keeps him going are precision, strictness and artistry closely linked to the achievment of those cocktails. Reason why he keep working in hotels where he can find this reach of perfection and where things are being made pretty.

A few years later, Julien opens his first establishment, restaurant Chez Marraine.

His favorite cocktail ? Porto Flip (Porto, Cognac, Egg, Milk, Sugar)

« It makes me think about a milkshake, it’s so delicious ! Sometimes you can be amazed by simplicity. »

Vervoort Romain

Romain starts his carreer in hospitality by working at Delirium café. Then he discovers cocktails and mixology at Green Lab. Immediately, he realises his interest for all the possible combinations to create among the multitude of products he’s working with. He goes further by reading a lot of books.

He likes to create and discover new products, before taking them and turning them into somethin brand new.

Self-taught man, he is spending a lot of time to read and discover new recipes and to make experiments. Regurlarly he can find a new recipe after having eaten or smelt something for example.

His favorite ? Negroni (Gin, Vermouth, Campari)

"To me a cocktail has to be simple to be efficient. Balance between acidity and bitterness is a capital point to get a good result."


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